ph_results-DSC_0253$2,808,932.65.  In April of 2013, Attorney Cooper obtained one of the largest verdicts in Connecticut history at the time for a motorcyclist who was tragically killed in head-on collision with a car.

$2,500,000.00. Medical malpractice recovery for death of patient caused by hospital’s mismanagement of her airway.

$1,500,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for factory worker who suffered multiple fractures and a minor traumatic brain injury in rear-end collision with commercial dump truck.

$1,200,000.00. Federal Employee Liability Act (FELA) recovery for Metro North Railroad engineer who, while in the course of her employment, suffered a mild traumatic brain injury with resulting sensory deprivation and personality changes in train derailment accident.

$1,200,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for victim in rear-end highway collision involving a tractor-trailor truck who suffered multiple injuries including a perforated bowel resulting in need for temporary colostomy bag, vertebral fractures of the spine and cognitive impairments.

$1,175,0000.00. Medical malpractice recovery on behalf of maintenance worker who suffered an aggravation of his irritable bowel condition following a failed colorectal operation that was performed below the standard of care.

$1,120,000.00. Medical malpractice recovery on behalf of female surgical patient who suffered multiple complications including a perforated bowel and sepsis following a routine gynecological operation that was performed below the standard of care.

$1,150,000.00. Medical malpractice recovery on behalf of male surgical patient who suffered a perforated esophagus following a paraesophageal hernia repair operation.

$1,100,000.00. FELA recovery on behalf of Metro-North Railroad engineer who, while in the course of his employment, sustained a hind-foot fracture requiring multiple surgeries.

$985,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for Estate of Wilton resident who succumbed to his injuries several days after he was involved in a head-on collision with an individual who had lost control of his vehicle.

$900,000.00. Recovery against commercial railroad company on behalf of injured factory worker who suffered a herniated lumbar disc after being knocked off a stationary rail car which was impacted by a moving train resulting in a lumber fusion.

$800,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for mason who suffered a traumatic biceps tendon tear after a head-on collision resulting in surgery.

$725,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for single mother of one involved in heavy T-bone collision resulting in lumbar fusion surgery.

$700,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for office worker who was rear-ended by a drunk driver and suffered a traumatic fracture to her ankle requiring surgical stabilization with screws and plates.

$700,000.00. Recovery for reckless operation of a motor vehicle on behalf of the Estate of a mover who suffered a fatal brain injury when he fell off the rear of a moving truck.

$625,000.00. Recovery on behalf of a young gymnast who sustained a crush injury to the Lisfranc joint in her foot, necessitating multiple surgeries and a bone fusion, after her coach instructed her and her fellow gymnasts to help assemble a gymnasium tumbling floor during practice that fell on her leg.

$590,000.00. Reckless service of alcohol recovery against local bar on behalf of the Estate of a 21 year old female involved in a 1 car fatal drunk driving collision.

$500,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery on behalf of the Estate of a woman killed after being rear-ended by a tractor trailer truck on Interstate 95.

$500,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for mason who suffered neck and low back injuries as a result of a rear-end collision resulting in lumbar microdiscectomy surgery.

$500,000.00. Medical malpractice recovery for neurosurgical misdiagnosis of a pituitary tumor.

$475,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for pedestrian who suffered soft-tissue hand and back injuries after being struck by a vehicle while walking on a New York City sidewalk.

$475,000.00. Negligent security recovery on behalf of nurse supervisor who was assaulted by a demented resident with a wooden duck.

$450,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for sixteen year old male passenger who was ejected from the rear window of his friend’s car.

$450,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for carpenter who required a cervical fusion following a high-speed rear-end highway collision.

$450,000.00. Premises liability recovery on behalf of a woman, who, while walking in a poorly lit parking garage, fell approximately 6 feet to a lower level sustaining multiple facial fractures and other soft-tissue injuries.

$400,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for Estate of Ecuadorian immigrant who was struck and killed as a pedestrian while crossing a dark street.

$400,000.00. Total medical malpractice recovery including a $250,000.00 jury verdict against local gastroenterologist who shattered her spleen while performing a routine screening colonoscopy.

$330,000.00. Premises liability jury verdict for Ansonia man with low back injuries following a slip-and-fall on ice at customer’s residence.

$300,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for factory worker who suffered a neck injury as a result of a high-speed rear-end highway collision.

$300,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery for injured worker who suffered a rotator cuff tear in a T-bone type collision.

$295,000. Motor vehicle recovery on behalf of a young pedestrian who was struck by a car and broke his femur while walking home from school.

$250,000.00. Motor vehicle recovery on behalf of fifteen year old pedestrian who was struck by a car and her injured her knee resulting in surgery while crossing the street in a designated crosswalk.

$245,000.00. Premises liability recovery for a mason who sustained a traumatic tibia-fibula fracture when he slipped and fell of the loading dock while loading materials into his truck at a tile distribution center.

$200,000.00. Premises liability recovery for woman who suffered a traumatic tibia-fibula fracture when she slipped and fell on a wet floor while entering a nail salon.

*** Please note that all cases are different and the above results are not intended to guarantee or act as a predictor of future results  ***

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