Professional Malpractice and Negligence

When you hire a professional, you trust that he will execute his work competently.  Indeed, that’s why you hired a professional!  Whenever a someone holds herself out as an expert, the professional or her firm may be held responsible if she does not meet the minimum standards of her field.  When a doctor, lawyer, accountant, architect or other professional fails to meet these standards their patients or clients suffer the negative consequences.   Your lawyer may fail to file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations leading to the claim being barred. Your doctor may make an error in diagnosis or treatment which leads to injury or prolonged illness.  Your accountant may give you improper advice leading to tax consequences with the IRS.  An engineer or architect may make an error which leads to a structural collapse.


If the mistake of a professional has caused you financial or even physical harm, you may have a claim for monetary damages against the professional or their employer.  The experienced trial attorneys at Cooper Sevillano can assist you in bringing a professional malpractice or negligence claim.  We have the courtroom experience to successfully present even the most complex malpractice action to a jury.  In particular, we have tried numerous complex medical malpractice cases. For more information about this primary area of our practice please click here.


Claims Handled on a Contingency Basis


Remember that all of our cases are handled on a contingency-fee basis which means we are only paid when we win a case and recover money for our clients.  If you financially or physically injured due to professional malpractice or negligence, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation at (203) 366-0660 or email us at

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