Medical Malpractice

When you seek medical care, you trust that the medical professionals you encounter will provide proper treatment.  When these professionals make mistakes, the consequences can be devastating, leading to serious injury or death.  As a result, you and your family may suffer lifelong disability and economic hardship.  At Cooper Sevillano, our experienced legal team is dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for such victims and their families.  We are committed to preventing future medical injuries by aggressively pursuing those medical professionals and facilities responsible.


Our attorneys represent clients in a variety of medical malpractice claims including:



Medical malpractice claims are extremely complex.  Often injuries have multiple causes and there are several responsible parties. In addition to bringing a claim against a physician for malpractice, you may have a claim against the hospital or medical facility where you received treatment.  In evaluating a potential claim, we engage in an extensive investigation process.  Over the years, our attorneys have devoted thousands of hours to reviewing medical files and researching complicated medical conditions.  We have built lasting relationships with consultants who can assist in identifying the causes of an medical injury and the individuals or the entities who are responsible.


Once we have identified malpractice, our attorneys engage in extensive preparation for trial.  At Cooper Sevillano,we are first and foremost experienced trial attorneys.  We utilize state of the art courtroom technology and retain the best trial experts to help us present your case in the most effective way to a jury.  Our attorneys have achieved significant success for our clients in medical malpractice actions:


Claims Handled on a Contingency Basis


Remember that all of our cases are handled on a contingency-fee basis which means we are only paid when we win a case and recover money for our clients.  If you or someone you love has been seriously injured due to a physician’s mistake or the negligence of a hospital or healthcare provider, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation at  (203) 366-0660 or email us at


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