Escalator Accidents

Escalators are often found in public buildings, shopping malls and department stores – all places frequented by families.  When escalators malfunction, accidents may occur leading to serious injury.  Even when properly maintained, accidents on escalators may occur.  Your child may be injured when her clothing or a shoe lace is caught in the stair.  Property owners are responsible for making sure that an escalator on their property is safe for riders.  They must ensure that the escalator is properly maintained and that safety warnings are displayed.


The causes of escalator accidents may be complex.  Equipment may be worn, damaged or faulty.  Escalators may not be properly inspected or maintained.  The escalator itself may be a hazard as designed or installed.  The stairs may have too much space between them and the stationary rail, resulting in a person’s foot or hand becoming caught and severely injured or even amputated. There may be a trip and fall hazard if the bottom step is not flush with the grove and foot tread.


At Cooper Sevillano,we are first and foremost experienced trial attorneys.  We have substantial experience handling the types of claims that may arise from an escalator accident including negligence, premises liability, and complex products liability claims.  Our attorneys will engage in extensive investigation to determine the cause or causes of the accident and identify all potential responsible parties which may include the property owner, the maintenance company or the equipment manufacturer.  We utilize state of the art technology to better tell your accident story in the courtroom.  We also retain the best trial experts who help us present your case in the most effective way to a jury.


Claims Handled on a Contingency Basis


Remember that all of our cases are handled on a contingency-fee basis which means we are only paid when we win a case and recover money for our clients.  If you or someone you love has been injured in an escalator accident, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free, no obligation, confidential consultation at  (203) 366-0660 or email us at

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